Cheeky Torso
Torso II
Oak Leaf standing
Leaf standing
Large Oak Leaf

About Cheri Warwick

Cheri sitting on large Oak Leaf

I have always been interested in ‘making things’ and my earlier creations involved crafting unusual objects from paper maché then painting them in bright and conflicting colours. This interest, combined with my Bachelor of Commerce degree and post graduate in Applied Psychology, inspired me to produce art born from the exploration of life which intertwines aspects of nature, with people and feelings. I am concerned that people miss so much as they skip life by in the rush of the demands of daily routine so enjoy capturing movement, form and detail that may, otherwise, be overlooked.

I am constantly intrigued by the Power of the Mind and lured by the challenge to express feelings in sculpture…the effect colour and feel has on mood and performance is extraordinary, and the juxtaposition of objects and textures, sometimes antagonistic. I enjoy studying the expression of feelings into sculptural form – movement, shapes, angles, rough and smooth surfaces – the elements, hopes, dreams, reality, optimism, achievement, eternity, spirituality without religion, the wonder of nature, similarities of form in the environment, Darwinism of environmental forms, metamorphosis – time and infinity churning over and over and over with the thought that nothing ever ends.

My interest in sculpture was nurtured by the work of Barbara Hepworth and Henri Moore then digging deeper, I discovered Marino Marini, Rodin and the very special Brancusi whose work sets me on fire. Contemporarily I am fascinated by Andy Goldsworthy and his ability to use totally natural materials and the raw countryside to create magnificent sculpture.

My passion lies with Bronze as it has the feel and expression of original thought, doesn’t influence per sé but complements shape, form, texture and light balances, whilst standing through the ages of time. The casting process is intricate and skilful and I am very lucky to work closely with a very experienced and talented team at Atelier Fine Arts in Hartley Wintney.